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# Rollex11 Download: Mobile Version Casino

Download Rollex11

What is Rollex11?

Rollex11 is an mobile version online casino that include several games such as slot games, Jackpot games and Table games. Blackjack is the ordinary game in Rollex11 which has a series of Blackjack games. One of the series is Cash Back Blackjack. Cash Back Blackjack is limited in other online casino, as you can take half of your bet back whenever you are not confident with your cards.

New games in Rollex11

#1 Buffalo Blitz

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#2 Haoshi Cheng Shuang

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#3 Lie Yan Zuan Shi

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#4 Great Blue

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#5 Funky Monkey

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How to download Rollex11 in smartphone?

Rollex11 can be downloaded in Android and IOS device. If you are an Android user, you can install Rollex11 apk by selecting your device type and click download. For IOS user, please take note that you need to TRUST the developer before you can run the app.

Kindly go to "Setting"> "General"> "Device Management" > "TRUST" > "All Continental Trading Sdn Bhd".

Installing steps for IOS user:

Step 1 - Click IOS

Step 2 - After you clicked IOS, it will ask you whether you want to install Rollex11. Click Install.

Step 3 - Go to your home page and tap on the app.

Step 4 - It will pop up Untrusted Ent. Developer, click Cancel.

Step 5 - After you cancelled, go to the setting

Step 6 - go to general and click Device Management

Step 7 - It will show the developer, click on the developer

Step 8 - and click Trust

Step 9 - After you clicked trust, it will reconfirm with you. Click Trust again.

Step 10 - Rollex11 is downloaded in your device. Type in your ID and password to start playing.

How to install Rollex11 in PC?

Rollex11 is only available in mobile version, if you have an android emulator in your computer, you can use it to download Rollex11. Don't worry if you don't have an android emulator, you may download an android emulator first before you download Rollex11 in your computer. We suggest NOXPlayer and Bluestacks, both of them run well.

1. Download android emulator

2. After you have downloaded android emulator, on the emulator's homepage, click more apps.

3. Click browser and paste the URL -

4. Download Rollex11 from your android emulator.

How to join Rollex11?

To join Rollex11, first you need to have an account and game credit in your account. You may register a free account by contacting our 24/7 customer service. However, please take note that you must be 21 years old or above. If you are eligible, send our customer service a 'Hello, I want to register Rollex11' and provide them your name and phone number will do.

How to top-up Rollex11?

Contact our 24/7 customer service and tell them that you want to top-up Rollex11's credit. Provide them your name or game ID and the amount you like to top up. After you have obtained the bank account from them, you can make the payment via online transferring or ATM transfer. Send them the payment slip after the payment have made and lastly wait the credit to be topped-up into your game ID.

Download Rollex11 Download Rollex11

How to withdraw winning/CUCI Rollex11?

CUCI or withdraw is as simple as topping-up the credit. Contact our 24/7 customer service and tell them the amount you would like to withdraw. Your withdraw request will be approved and online transfer to your bank account, once your available credit is verified. It takes 3 - 5 minutes to complete the withdraw process.

Our customer support is working 24 hours per day and 7 days per week, you may contact our customer service if you need- register/ withdraw/ top up /anything related to Rollex11.

Tap on the video to see how the basic Blackjack game works.